Based upon Core Anatomy-in-Clay using the Maniken« Model

Course Description:

We learn best when we actively participate in the learning process. Our goal is to maximize the four methods of learning: visual, tactile, kinesthetic and auditory.

To do this our students will first physically participate in a variety of movements, after which we will explore the muscles that are used in the movement patterns through auditory, visual and tactile means. Atlases and digital media will be used for for the visual learning. The auditory learning will be achieved through verbal presentation and imagery. Physical palpation of the working musculature will augment the tactile learning experience. Finally, all four learning modalities will be employed in assembly and discussion of the skeletal system in clay.

This course will include creating the skeletal muscles in clay and applying them to a plastic skeleton. We will learn about relative size, attachments and location of muscles. We will be studying the major muscles of the body and building them by layers on the Maniken« skeleton model.

By the end of the workshop, students should have a deeper understanding of the movement, strength & stability of the human body as they study the structures that lie beneath the skin. Emphasis will be placed on learning the skeletal muscle shapes, specific attachments and actions, and inter-relationships between muscle groups.

Course Objectives:
1. To enhance understanding of the human musculo-skeletal system in terms of biomechanical design, including the body's ability to support, transfer weight, and effectively deal with gravity as an important force in movement.
2. To increase neuromuscular / kinesthetic awareness as sculptural knowledge is related to one's own body
3. To aid in retention of musculo-skeletal anatomy & kinesiology information to enhance teaching ability
4. To increase understanding & effectiveness of technical corrections & images in class and rehearsal
5. To promote healthy movement in daily life as well as improving the movement skills of the trained professional.

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Anatomy in Clay Video

Four Hour Course - Brief Regional Introduction

One Day - In Depth Regional Study

Full Course - 6 days (3 weekends) during which the full skeleton is assembled from the deepest layers of the torso out to the tips of the extremities.