Introductory Class

Let Us Welcome You With a Basic Workout

FREE Introductory Class are offered to orient all our new clients to our choreography and studiopolicies at Pilates Reforming New York.The FREE Introductory Class orients all clients in the safe operation of the reformers used in our group classes and introduces our new clients to the order and choreography of the exercises. We also chronicle a bit of the rich history of Joseph H. Pilates and the Pilates Method in addition to discussing reasonable expectations and participation goals.

Finally, we go through an abridged class that will give you a workout. We touch on all the elements of a standard class but without the repetition and variations. We need to ensure that all clients, experienced or not, are familiar with our choreography and are able to jump into a full Level 1.

If you are an experienced Pilates practitioner feel free to throw in a curl or two but please bear with us. There are a lot of bad habits out there. We get many clients who claim experience, yet when we observe their technique..... Let's just say they need some Level 1 fundamentals. Occasionally we suggest that some new clients take a few private classes in order to build up the needed confidence and skill to seamlessly jump into a level one. Our experience is that these clients not only move into the level one classes but they are some of the most committed clients we have!