Anti-Aging and Life Extension

Aging is fundamentally the end result of the constant barrage of attacks we face from the environment. These attacks cause the formation of Free Radicals, and they in turn travel throughout the body ravaging the molecular integrity of our bodily tissues. Normally the ravaged tissues repair themselves quite rapidly and Anti-Aging - you can be proactive!accurately. Gradually and partially as a consequence of the activity of the Free Radicals, the cellular repair mechanisms deteriorate and become slower and less accurate. The end result is older less vibrant tissue, the tissue has aged.

On a daily basis we face a barrage of chemical toxins from our air, water and food. Ionizing radiation, the wavelengths of energy that destroy and distort the genetic component of our cells are found in our live on an ever increasing basis. Increases in UV-light due to atmospheric changes and microwaves generated by our electronic gadgets are constantly bombarding our bodies. The latter is of particular importance Cell Phone Microwaves - - Click here to go to a site with more and quite disturbing information.because as our lifestyle trends towards the more technological and "Wi Fi" the concentration of the energy sources and their distribution will increase.

This means that we will have devices in our pockets or strapped to our belts (your cell phone) emitting high concentrations of ionizing radiation at close proximity to specific parts of our bodies repeatedly and for prolonged periods of time. As our technological footprint increases, so to will the invisible web of ionizing radiation we pass through and liveCell Phone Microwaves - - a site with more and quite disturbing information. out our lives. The aging process is in no small part accelerated by the cumulative effects of all these environmental insults.

"O. K. I'm leaving the technologically dense city and moving to a place where there are minimal radiation sources and the air and water are clear. I'm going to eat well and exercise." Even in this utopic scenario there are internal Free Radicals formed just from the act of living and their formation is increased by exercise. They happen to be some of the mot damaging Free Radicals known.

All is not lost! There is a way to moderate and slow the detrimental effects of the Free Radical onslaught. Through proper nutrition and supplemetation programs, the Free Radicals can be neutralized and their degenerative consequences markedly slowed.

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