Blood and Wellness Lab Work

Blood and Urine Testing

We are able to provide the full range blood and urine tests. We use Quest Diagnostics Labs as our laboratory of choice. Although many of the blood and urine samples are in house, there are tests for which the are best drawn at a testing site.

Quest has a number of testing sites located throughout the Five Boroughs and New Jersey. They are easily located on the Quest Diagnostics website. Just follow the link "Find Location" and follow the prompts. Quest helps make the whole process very easy.

Wellness Testing

Blood tests show the level to which you have become ill. Wouldn't it be great to become aware of a disease process BEFORE it has become a full blown illness?

In fact, with Functional Medicine, it is now possible to do just that. Using a combination of Sputum, Urine, Stool and occasionally Blood the technology now exists to determine the body's trend towards an illness and or disease process prior to any overt symptoms. This technology provides ample time to address the trend and often prevent the disease progression.The Lab we use for this testing is BioHealth Diagnostics. They are leaders in the field of Functional Medicine.

Functional Medicine is a science-based healthcare system that assesses and treats underlying causes of illness. Functional Medicine seeks to treat illness and promote wellness in a different way from conventional medicine (a good lay person article).

Rather than focusing on the symptoms and trying to suppress them as is done in traditional Allopathic Medicine, Functional Medicine focuses on eliminating the underlying causes of the symptoms, the disease process. This is accomplished by addressing the biochemical individuality of the patient, any metabolic balances that are present, and the impact to internal ecological environment secondary to the insults of the external environmental.

No Two Patients Are Alike

Functional Medicine recognizes that the human body is an orchestrated network of interconnected systems and that each individual has developed their own unique pattern of interconnections. By thoroughly assessing the individual we can taylor the most effective treatment plan to meet each patient's unique needs.

Minor Symptoms ARE A Problem

Minor symptoms indicate slight imbalances that, over time, can lead serious diseases down the road. The minor imbalances can set in motion a cascade of biochemical reactions that begin as a dis-ease state and end up in a chronic disease and full blown illness. Don't ignore the symptoms: "Maybe it will go away" - are the most dangerous five words in healthcare.

The Whole Body Is Affected So Treat The Body As A Whole

You are not a shoulder, a knee, a liver, a spleen. You are an integrated being! All the systems are interrelated and need to be accurately evaluated in relation to one another. The Holistic Approach is one in which the bodies natural healing strategies are supported and elevated not suppressed. Your body knows what to do, we just have to point it in the right direction and then get out of the way!

Treating symptoms is neither cost effective nor is it efficacious in the long run.