Laser Wrinkle and Hair Removal

Skin Tightening

Palomar - Skin TighteningThrough Palomar's pioneering work in deep heating, our patented approach to fractional delivery, and our proprietary cooling, spectrum, timing, and other technologies, our LuxDeepIRTM Fractional Infrared Hand piece safely delivers more effective heat to greater depths, for superior skin tightening.

Wrinkle Removal

Palomar - Wrinkle RemovalPalomar® pioneered the process of using fractional microbeams of laser energy for skin resurfacing. With little to no downtime for patients, our Lux1540™and Lux1440™ fractional non-ablative laser hand pieces provide skin resurfacing treatments with high efficacy and comfort, for real "wow!" results. The Lux1540™ delivers up to 1 mm deep micro columns while the Lux1440™ provides unprecedented speed for comfortable face, chest, and arm skin rejuvenation.

Facials And Wrinkle Removal

Palomar - Facials And Wrinkle RemovalPalomar's unique fractional ablative skin resurfacing allows control of depth and the level of heating around the microbeam columns. With a single treatment, physicians can perform a two-day downtime procedure or a deeper treatment. Ablation and coagulation: Palomar's Lux2940 Fractional Ablative Laser Hand piece delivers both options as well as a dual-pulse mode for optimized treatment results.

Hair Removal

Palomar - Hair RemovalOur LuxY™, LuxYs™, LuxR™, and LuxRs™ pulsed light hand pieces perform permanent hair reduction with increased speed, due to their large spot sizes, and superior efficacy, with our patented Photon RecyclingSM and Advanced Contact CoolingSM technologies.

In addition to pulsed light hair removal, Palomar’s Lux1064+™ laser offers safe hair removal on tan and dark skin for smaller areas such as the face and neck. Available exclusively with the StarLux® 500 laser and pulsed light system, the Lux1064+™ is the perfect choice for hair removal on dark skin.