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Pilates Reforming New York - WebScheduler Direct Link

CosMediSpa - WebScheduler Direct Link

Welcome to the WebScheduler! This convenient online system will enable you to see up to the minute schedules of classes, workshops and events at Pilates Reforming New York. You will also be able to reserve your spot in those sessions, charging those to your current package or series, or purchasing a new package or series online. Please take this opportunity to sign up for a Free Introductory Class. Just follow this link to the detailed instructions.

Please Note: The Student Rate and Starter packages are not available on line. Please call our studio for those packages.

We strongly encourage you to become familiar with WebScheduler and use it regularly when web_scheduler_my Info you have access to a computer. We keep our prices low by working with a small office staff. Please help them by minimizing the volume of calls.

Of course, we can be contacted by phone when you are on the run and computer access is not available or for billing/technical questions. Should you have any trouble at all using WebScheduler, Please feel free to call us so that we can help you resolve you difficulties, or stop by any of our locations and a member of our staff will be happy to personally show you how to use the program.

Important things to know:

  • 1 - You will get an email confirmation for every sign up or purchase transaction that you perform. Always check these confirmations to be sure that your transaction went through. If you did not get an email, what ever you thought you did; you didn't!
  • 2 - When purchasing classes or packages, please be aware of the associated expiration dates.
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