General Advancement Guidelines

When am I ready to advance to the next level?

We have a general idea of the number of sessions a student needs before they can advance to the next Level. Please understand that not every student progresses at the same rate.

class_footwork_ball2Generally when you are able to perform the exercises fluidly, without struggling, able to hold your "navel to your spine" with your abs "flat and wide" throughout the entire class, legs held still while working the upper body, carriage not moving when its not supposed to, and able to curl without pulling knees toward chest etc., then you are ready for the next level. Each higher level provides greater challenges of strength, endurance, coordination and precision. In order to move to the next level ALL of the skill sets listed above must be performed fluidly and without struggle despite the difficulty.

At that time you feel ready, you must speak to 2 teachers and get their recommendation to move up. Those 2 teachers will put their recommendation into your client notes. When you have those 2 recommendations you may then move up.

It is unfair to the students around you and to the teachers to be unprepared for the Level. Because one often cannot “just pick it up as you go along”, we recommend taking 1 or 2 private sessions so that you can learn the choreography of the next Level.

We reserve the right at all times to place you in a class we feel is better suited to your level. This is for your safety and health.

Thank-you for your cooperation.

The staff of Pilates Reforming New York