Referral Program

Simply Follow The Steps Outlined Below And Earn Free Classes

How this system works:

Fill in the appropriate referral form and click the submit button. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you. Bring in copies of the emails you receive to be sure credit for your referrals and those that referred you are applied correctly. The Referral Bonus Classes expire 120 days from the date of the email.

I Am Referring Form / I Was Referred By Form

One Discounted Bonus Class (details)
The first opportunity gives our referring clients one Referral Bonus Class credit (subject to the conditions of a bonus class) for each first package (min 5 class package) purchased by the referred client. During the Pilates Ambassador Referral Promotion a single bonus class will also be awarded to any one who refer 6 new clients who take their first full class.

Ten Free Classes (details)
The second opportunity gives the referring client a free package of ten classes when 8 referrals, who have made the minimum purchase, are accumulated within 120 days. You will receive a Referral Bonus Class credit in your account. Please note: that If you use any of your accumulated classes, the most recent classes will be selected AND will no longer be considered part of the 8 accumulated classes.

Our Suggestions: We have put together a few ideas for you to use as you generate your Free Bonus Classes. Forward the emails to everyone in your contact database.

Email Option1 / Email Option2

Remember: You can use the classes as you earn them by paying $10 and converting the class credit to a class, OR accumulating 8 Referral Bonus Classes credits for the 10 class conversion. How you use your bonus classes is up to you. 120 days gives you lots of time to accumulate 8 referrals for the free 10 pack. You cannot do both.

Because bonus classes are moved to the top, they are used first by default, it is your responsibility to follow the documentation proceedures above.

Bonus classes are used by payng $10 to convert the Referral Bonus Class credit to the discounted class.